Change Management Process – With PRIME

You may have a great change idea, ranging from a small system change request, to reorganizing a flow of work, or even creating some templates for all to use. You are sure it is going to yield great benefits for the business and you are ready to make it happen. But how challenging will the change management process be?

The problem is, for the change management process to be a success; your coworkers and management need to support the idea. In addition, they must also be willing to change their habits. Hence correctly so, you have identified the change maybe small, but to transition a group of people, is BIG.

Identifying a methodology that outlines the change management process is relatively easy. There are many available – however, actually managing the change in practice will present more challenges unless you are supported by a strong set of tools and guidelines.

Transitioning 100 or 1000 people is easy with PRIME – it is built on the ADKAR change methodology. PRIME has transitioned hundreds of businesses to date.

The Phases of ADKAR

The Phases of ADKAR


According to ADKAR, the first step of Change Management process is being aware of what is working and what is not working in your organization.

PRIME provides a strong set of tools and guidelines to identify this accurately. The Process Library and Process Prioritization functionality enables you to accurately identify which processes are working and which processes are not.

If you require more detail to see the problem, PRIME’s Process Mapping and Attributes functionality provides the details of what is not working and why.

The second step of ADKAR awareness is to communicate the problem to all affected. The key is to focus the communication on the reasons to make a change.

Communicating the reasons to make the change is easy with PRIME through its collaboration portal.


ADKAR states that the second step of Change Management is Desire. That is communicating the benefits for the adoption of the solution. Therefore create desire in the organization by simulating the proposed solution before implementing the solution. PRIME’s simulation functionality enables you to create different solutions. In addition, it enables you to prescribe the benefits of each solution before implementing the change. Again, communicate this via the PRIME Collaboration portal to ensure all in the organization understands the benefits. As a result, the desire for the change is stimulated in the organization.


ADKAR states that the third step Change Management is Knowledge. That is, provide the people affected by the change, the knowledge and skill to smoothly transition into the new way of doing business.

Therefore, prepare them for the change by sharing the future with them through the future state process maps developed in PRIME. Enable them to contribute to their future by enabling them to make improvement suggestions through the PRIME Collaboration portal.  As a result, members of the organization have the knowledge to get them on the bus for the upcoming change.


ADKAR states that the fourth step of Change Management is Ability. That is, start small and provide a clear pathway forward.

Hence it is now time to implement the change. PRIME enables you with the right tools to manage the implementation through its Improvement Tracking Dashboard.

Through PRIME you can simply set up work packages and manage the execution of tasks to implement the change. Make changes in the organization in small steps – process by process. PRIME Coaching services enables you to learn from others who have made the change successfully.


ADKAR, states that the fifth step of Change Management is Reinforcement. That is, engage the audience and select the champions of change to sustain the change.

Through PRIME’s Process Attributes, easily identify the owners and the doers of the process you are changing through the inbuilt RACI chart. Identify the champions and assign all the work packages, tasks and improvements to the champions, track them to complete ensuring successful change management.


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