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With PRIME BPM, ensure smooth business transition by bringing employees along on the change journey.


You may have a great change idea, ranging from a small system change request, to reorganising a flow of work, or even creating some templates for all to use. You are sure it is going to yield great benefits for the business. But how challenging will the change management process be? The fact is the change may be small, but to transition a group of people, is BIG. Identifying a methodology that outlines the change management process is relatively easy. With PRIME BPM, which is built on the ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Action, Reinforcement) change methodology, take your employees on a successful change journey.


Build Awareness

According to ADKAR, the first step of the Change Management process is being aware of what is working and what is not working in your organisation. PRIME BPM provides a strong set of tools and guidelines to identify this accurately. The Process Prioritisation functionality enables you to accurately identify which processes are working and which are not. With end-to-end process mapping and capturing of attributes, further get an insight on what needs to be improved.

Create the Desire to Change

The second step for Change Management is Desire, which is easily created using PRIME BPM’s simulation feature where proposed solutions can be analysed before implementing. This enables you to analyse the benefits of the solution prior to implementation. Communicate this via the PRIME Collaboration portal to ensure all employees in the organisation understand the benefits, leading to the desire to change.

Provide Knowledge for Smooth Transition

As per ADKAR, the third step is knowledge. With PRIME BPM, empower employees to be aware of the improvements and future state process maps from a central place. They also have the ability to suggest improvements, feedback and give approvals in real-time. This ensures that employees have complete visibility and knowledge about the upcoming change.

Take Action with the Right Tools

Fourth step of ADKAR is action, referring to implementation. PRIME BPM enables you with the right tools to manage the implementation through its Improvement Tracking Dashboard. Through PRIME BPM, simply set up work packages and manage the execution of tasks to implement the change. Make changes in the organisation in small steps – process by process.

Reinforce Responsibilities

Reinforcement—the final step of ADKAR, is achieved by identifying champions of change to sustain the change. Using the inbuilt RACI chart, easily identify the owners and doers of the process. Assign all the work packages, tasks and improvements to the champions and track their progress.

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