ISO COMPLIANCE – Achieve it with PRIME

The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) has set forth standard rules and regulations for organizations to follow. Hence, ISO Compliance is the adherence to these rules and regulations.

For business, ISO is a set of strategic tool and guidelines. It assists organizations address challenges in today’s business environment. Being compliant to ISO represents that your organization is operating as efficient and productive as possible. In addition, it represents that the produced products or services are safe, of quality and that these are also good for the environment. Also, ISO compliance enhances the ability to access new markets due to its international recognition.

To achieve ISO compliance, part of the journey is the documenting of business processes. To then improve these to cut costs and achieving customer satisfaction.


“I specifically found the PRIME© (PRocess In a Managed Environment) methodology highly practical, logical and results driven. It is a methodology that can be applied immediately after learning.”

Sam Barrett

Head of Business Process Services at BOQ

ISO Compliance with PRIME BPM

The PRIME BPM Suite is the tool that you can depend on to gain ISO Compliance. Firstly, with PRIME’s Process Compliance and Audit functionality you can document the compliance due dates, ISO audit dates, and notify the concerned person of an upcoming compliance event. Secondly, use the PRIME BPM suite to document your business processes. Easily communicate your business processes to the compliance body and to the staff in your organization. The collaboration module ensures that up-to-date processes are always at hand. PRIME also defines who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and who must stay informed about the process. The RACI and business rules functionality achieves this. In addition, PRIME, by a click of a button, produces standard operating procedures/work instructions for each task within a process. In addition to ISO Compliance, the PRIME Suite alerts you on any requirement for license renewal, taxation compliance, and financial compliance or government compliance. PRIME records compliance requirements against the business process and feed into the notification engine. Achieve ISO Compliance or simply stay abreast of your ISO obligations with PRIME – start your free trial today.


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