Improve Productivity

In general terms, productivity is a ratio of output to input in the production of goods or services. Hence to improve productivity you need to produce the same output, by lowering the input such as manpower, cost, energy etc.

We cannot control business competition, but we can control our costs. For this reason, organizations are always searching for ways to reduce cost. Hence organizations seek to improve productivity to reduce cost. Fortunately, a lot of productivity improvement strategies are available to help. These strategies increase productivity by increasing output and lowering cost as well.

Creating process maps defines the start, steps within, and end of a process. It provides transparency of the organization and how it operates. Hence it is this transparency that presents the opportunity for process analysis. This analysis identifies costs and delays and removing these delivers the ability to improve productivity.

PRIME Overview

There are 3 types of business processes that need mapping to enable productivity improvement:

Operational Business Processes:
These are the processes that form the core business. In particular, the processes that create the product or make up the services the organization delivers to the end client.

Support Business Processes:
These are the processes that provide support services to other parts of the organization. In essence, the internal services that enable the operational processes to run. For example, business processes that represent Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Marketing.

Management/Strategic Processes:
These are the processes that manage the successful execution of all the support and operational processes. In other words, these processes set and rule the system operation. Strategic processes tend to be separate processes however management processes, tend to be split into individual or a bundle of tasks that are scattered in the support and operational processes.

The PRIME Suite helps you see what your current processes are taking as inputs in terms of resource, time, cost etc. This transparency is gained by using the PRIME Modeller edition. Using PRIME’s cost, value and efficiency analysis tools in the PRIME Analyser edition, identify the bottlenecks and improvement opportunities. Hence it shows how to do more with less. Manage the change implementation to deliver productivity improvement, via the PRIME Improver edition. Try PRIME to improve productivity of your organization.


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