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Business Process Mapping Software

With PRIME Modeller, process mapping is now accessible and achievable for everyone. Effortlessly record process information and select options from the drop-down menu to create accurate and standardised maps within minutes.

Why choose PRIME Modeller – Business Process Mapping Software?

Prioritise processes for improvement, export maps to PDF or JPEG format for easy sharing and gain a three-dimensional view of your processes for better decision making—all from this easy-to-use platform. Designed for both business users and process experts.

  1. Build Process Libraries Without Expertise

With the inbuilt process library symbols and guidelines, you can easily create a Business Process Library from scratch. Understand how many processes underpin your organisation, how different processes interlink and get started on your process mapping initiative.

2. Consistent Process Maps with BPMN 2.0

Choose your process mapping approach. Conveniently complete a templated table with process information and the PRIME Rapid Process Mapping functionality creates the process map automatically. Alternatively, use drag and drop, and auto connect functionality to easily create consistent and standardised process maps using the latest and worldwide-recognised standard for process modelling, BPMN 2.0.

3. 360 Degree Overview with Process Attributes

Your process maps are no longer just boxes and lines. Gain a 3D view and in-depth understanding of your processes with the ability to record Business Rules, KPIs, Text descriptions, Roles (using the inbuilt role repository), Documents (using the inbuilt document repository) and RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed)

4. One-Click Process Prioritisation

Easily identify which processes require urgent attention based on a process prioritisation score. Understand priority processes to channel your business improvement strategy and achieve your business goals.

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