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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Lean and BPM

Businesses continue to grow globally despite the dynamic and competitive environment. These businesses’ adaptability is the key to long-term business success and competitive advantage. Adaptability enables a business to stay ahead of new competitors, evolving technology and ever-changing customer needs. Lean and BPM can help you with this.

These change methods aim to empower companies to better optimize and manage processes efficiently for effective continuous Business Process Improvement. Lean and BPM are two of the best methods to achieve an effective continuous business process improvement initiative. Let’s explore how:


Lean accommodates in improving several activities at a time. Lean helps businesses provide their customers with value with less work by eliminating waste and superfluous processes, therefore, reducing production time and cost. Lean is known for its fast implementation which provides immediate benefits relative to productivity, error reduction and customer lead time. Improvement in financial performance, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and staff morale are some of its long-term benefits.

The Lean method is lead by three principles which are challenging oneself to meet goals, kaizen or continuous improvement, and genchi genbutsu or targeting the source to make more informed decisions. Businesses under manufacturing and process-oriented industries with defined value-chain processes benefit the most from Lean implementation such as automotive, industrial engineering and pharmaceutical industries.

Lean allows organizations to figure out what is preventing them from making their business processes more predictable and stable. This is to minimize tolerances in output and achieve pre-defined objectives.

Business Process Management 

BPM is a management approach that looks at an enterprise holistically as a set of business processes. It leverages its functions in a five-step design model — design, model, execute, monitor, and optimise. BPM aims to help organisations manage complex, cross-departmental processes, and synchronizing them with customer demands.

This methodology permits to link improvement and process design efforts directly to the management system and organisational strategy. Organisations that fall under financial services, telecoms, healthcare and military sectors reap the benefits of BPM.

BPM links improvement and process design efforts directly to the management system as well as the organizational strategy. This allows organizations to achieve efficiency and increase profitability by focusing on their customer needs and business needs through effective process performance.

The Competitive Advantage

Lean and BPM can give your organisation a competitive advantage over others if connected properly. Lean can improve a number of activities at a time and focuses on the big picture while BPM looks at the enterprise-wide process management and creates a framework for facilitating the ongoing changes. Therefore BPM helps to monitor, evaluate, and control processes. Hence eventually, optimizing initiatives at a higher level across various technologies and applications within a business and furthermore expediting the process change.

The following are the benefits of Lean and BPM that will surely give your organisation a long-term competitive advantage and achieve continuous business improvement. Check them below:

  1. Better approach to problem-solving
  2. Enhanced control and automation
  3. Faster real-time execution of processes
  4. Reduced delivery time
  5. Improved long-term performance
  6. Better characterization, understanding and management of the entire value chain
  7. Proper alignment of resources
  8. Identification, measurement and monitoring of KPIs
  9. Agility and speed
  10. Stronger customer focus
  11. Increased revenues

These advantages are not easily gotten from any BPM. Make sure your organisation uses a business process management that complements your needs and equips the best change methods. Choose the most innovative operational improvement solution to gain a competitive advantage over others. Get your 30-day FREE TRIAL from PRIME BPM!