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With PRIME BPM, gain the ability to do more with less and achieve your productivity goals.


Productivity is a ratio of output to input in the production of goods or services. Hence to improve productivity you need to produce the same output, by lowering the input such as manpower, cost, energy, etc. Organisations of all sizes are constantly looking for strategies for reducing cost while at the same time increasing productivity. With PRIME BPM, easily gain process transparency and the ability to undertake process analysis to identify costs and delays and improve productivity.


End-to-End Process Mapping

Using PRIME Modeller, map your as-is processes to see what your current processes are taking as inputs in terms of resource, time, cost etc. Easily map two types of business processes: Operational and Support Processes, which are important to enable productivity improvement.

Identify Improvement Opportunities with a Click

With the PRIME Analyser edition, carry out cost, value and efficiency analysis to identify the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process. For instance, you can identify waste, such as double handling of tasks, repetitive tasks, etc., in the process. Eliminating the waste immediately results in increased productivity.

Maximise the Output with Simulation

Create what-if scenarios in a simulated process to pre-analyse how cost and time could be adjusted with respect to your productivity objectives. These key insights prove instrumental in helping you remodel your processes in a way to help you achieve maximum output.

Boost Remote Employee Productivity

Easy access to documents and relevant systems through a central repository allows remote teams to function effectively. Furthermore, with the in-built RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) matrix, ensure clarity in employee role and responsibility. Using Instant chat and other collaborative features enable remote teams to work collaboratively and improve work from home productivity.


There are two types of business processes that need mapping to enable productivity improvement: Operational Business Processes and Support Business Processes.

These are the processes that form the core business. In particular, the processes that create the product or make up the services the organisation delivers to the end client.

These are the processes that provide support services to other parts of the organisation. In essence, the internal services that enable the operational processes to run. For example, business processes that represent Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Marketing.

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