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With PRIME BPM, easily analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of your current business processes. Understand improvement opportunities and pave the way for achieving process excellence.


One significant area where the leaders of high-performing companies differentiate themselves is their focus on Process Excellence. More and more organisations are recognising process excellence as a sustainable foundation for long-term business success. Process Excellence is achieved by the combination of process effectiveness and process efficiency.

Process Effectiveness: The effectiveness of a process is the measure of how relevant the output is to the desired objective. A truly effective process will make customers happy by providing everything right. That is the right results at the right place, time and cost.

Process Efficiency: Process efficiency acts as a vital factor in determining productivity. It is a measurable concept. Essentially it is the ratio of ‘useful output to total input’. Hence, it requires resource optimisation (mainly cost and time) along with maximum waste reduction. Combining the power of Lean Six Sigma and PRIME BPM, proves very effective in continually monitoring, evaluating and improving processes, empowering you to achieve process excellence.

Achieve Process Excellence with PRIME BPM

Know the Current Level of Process Performance

The Process excellence journey starts with a methodical review and documentation of the current processes. Using PRIME Modeller, easily document your ‘as-is’ business processes to analyse where your current processes stand in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Further, the one-click process prioritisation feature in PRIME BPM enables you to pinpoint the processes that require urgent attention.

Measure your Process Effectiveness

With the PRIME Analyser engine, easily analyse these priority processes to understand the value of each task within the process. Get powerful insights, such as which tasks are business-value-adding, customer-value-adding or non-value-adding within the process to measure the effectiveness of the current processes.

Analyse your Process Efficiency

Calculate your process cycle efficiency at a click of a button. Also, get access to data on key matrices, such as process cost, process execution time and process delay time. You can also compare the efficiency of your current processes to the industry threshold.

Drive Process Excellence with Insights

Use these analysis outputs to find opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your current processes. Identify and eliminate delays and bottlenecks from your processes to drive process efficiency and process effectiveness and consequently achieve process excellence.

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