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Easily create, maintain and share your process maps to gain business transparency and efficiency.


Process Maps, which are essentially a visual representation of the flow of work in an organisation, have far-reaching benefits for businesses. Process maps play a key role in streamlining the workflows and helping businesses run smoothly by making it easier for them to identify breakdowns in a process and addressing them to improve productivity and efficiency. While most businesses understand the importance of having effective business processes in place, they are often clueless when it comes to how and where to start actually mapping their business processes. With PRIME BPM, effectively map your processes to improve and streamline your business process management.

Simplify Process Mapping with PRIME BPM

Get Started with Inbuilt Business Process Library

With the inbuilt process library symbols and guidelines, you can easily create a Business Process Library from scratch. Understand how different processes interlink and get started on your process mapping initiative.

Create Accurate Process Maps Without Expertise

PRIME BPM makes process mapping accessible for everyone. It comes equipped with the globally recognized Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) to provide a consistent approach to process mapping. With drag and drop, auto-connect, zoom in and zoom out functionality, create process maps within minutes. Alternatively, using Rapid Process Mapping functionality to create process maps automatically by easily filling in a templated table with process information.

Record Process Attributes

Your process maps are not just boxes and lines. Gain a 3D view of your processes with the functionality to record process attributes, such as Business Rules; KPIs; Text descriptions; Roles (using the inbuilt role repository); Documents (using the inbuilt document repository) and RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) charts. Also, get the ability to record customisable, user-defined process attributes as per your business requirement.

Suggest and Approve Changes

Access all your process maps and information from an integrated process repository within the PRIME BPM process mapping tool. Stay on top of the changes and approve and share feedback in real-time. Automatically route the process maps and relevant information through the predefined approval channels.

Get Process Maps Created by Experts

Wish to move past the process mapping stage quickly and focus on business improvement? With PRIME BPM’s Fixed Cost Process Mapping Service, get access to detailed and standardised process maps created by seasoned professional process modellers. Power your business process management initiative with accurate process maps, delivered in a quick and cost-effective manner.

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