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Top 5 ways training can ensure the success of your BPM initiative

To BPM or not to BPM is no longer the question. From cost reduction, improved productivity, and business transparency to improved customer service, the benefits of BPM are out there for everyone to see. The real question for modern-day businesses is: How to get the best return from the BPM investments?

While many organisations embark on BPM initiatives, only some of them are able to actually realize the desired results. The single biggest reason why several BPM projects fall flat is due to the lack of expertise and clarity in implementing effective BPM strategy and projects. Oftentimes, teams get so absorbed in the extensive process of creating process maps that they lose sight of the overall objective. Many organisations set out on their business improvement journey without a clear goal or don’t follow a standard modelling notation—all a recipe of a disaster.

So, how can you rise above these bottlenecks and deliver quantifiable business improvement results? First-hand BPM training paired with the right practical insights can do the trick. Equipped with the right fundamentals and practical experience of BPM experts, you can fast-track your BPM project and achieve your corporate goals.

Here are the top areas where a specialised BPM training program designed by experts can streamline your initiative and ensure success:

  • Identifying where and how to start: Many organisations struggle to identify how to kickstart the initiative. After all, there are thousands of processes in an organization. Professional training can point you in the right direction where you need to target your business improvement initiative. You can learn which business processes have a direct association with the organisations’ bottom line and gain the ability to prioritise them. BPM training programs can help you build accurate process maps by aligning them with your corporate goals or pre-set objectives, such as cost reduction, efficiency improvement, improved customer service, etc. Having an effective process map is a critical first step in ensuring success of your business improvement initiative.
  • Get Process Mapping right: It’s essential for teams to follow a standard approach to build easy-to-read business models that can be shared across the organisation. Since process maps are a communication tool, any inconsistency in the symbolic representation of the procedure can lead to confusion and delays. This eventually hampers the project execution, resulting in loss of time, cost and team effort.
    Getting training in worldwide accepted BPMN process mapping notions, promises to speed-up and streamline your BPM implementation. By understanding the key symbols, standards dos and don’ts of process mapping, the team can adopt a standardised approach and avoid any discrepancy in mapping. With structured process mapping, teams get a complete insight into business process bottlenecks, roles and responsibilities, waste in processes, etc.
  • Understand BPM tools: BPM software can prove instrumental in driving successful business transformation and business improvement projects. However, with a myriad of software available how can you choose the right tool? First-hand BPM training from experts can help you identify the key functionalities you require in a tool. You also get to understand how to use the tool effectively to drive successful business improvement outcomes.
  • Tap into experts’ experience: By choosing BPM course delivered by industry experts, you get an opportunity to connect, interact and learn from them. You get direct access to their know-how and experiences gathered over the years of helping several leading organisations embark on their business improvement journey. Practical tips, such as warning signs to watch out for, key obstacles and how to overcome them, etc., can come in extremely handy and will help you avoid major pitfalls. You also get to know success stories undertaken by these experts and get insights into overall approach that made these projects tick.

A crucial aspect of BPM success is timely completion and accuracy at each project stage. With specialised BPM courses, you get a fair idea of where to target your improvement efforts and complete each stage effectively and accurately to ensure the desired result.

  • Gain practical knowledge: Oftentimes, BPM teams get so absorbed in theory that they lose the sight of the actual objective. They also struggle with many practical issues during execution. Training programs give you a platform to bring your real-life BPM challenges to the forefront. Not only experts, you also get to network with like-minded delegates. Interacting with them empowers you to get practical insights into actual BPM project challenges and learnings. This information proves valuable and serves as a strong foundation for a successful implementation of company-wide change management initiatives.
Right BPM training: Your key to success

BPM training programs can definitely give you the right direction and help you unleash the full potential of BPM. However, much depends on selecting the right training program and course. You need to select a BPM course designed by experts and make sure they provide a good balance of theory and practice.

PRIME BPM offers tool-independent BPM crash courses and extensive programs to help you take your BPM skills to the next level. You can select from a 90-minute BPM crash course in a specific area, such as Process MappingBusiness Process Improvement or choose a 3-day program on Business Process Management/Improvement to gain a clear understanding of various process stages. Each course has hands-on practical to apply what you have learned, so you can hit the ground running when you get back to your desk. These courses are delivered by experts who have spearheaded over 300 Business Process Management and Improvement projects.

So, are you ready to become a BPM expert and get the maximum return from your BPM investment?

Equipped with the right fundamentals and practical experience of BPM experts, you can fast-track your BPM project and achieve your corporate goals.