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Business Process Management (BPM) is a management philosophy and organizational culture.  A philosophy and mindset that continuously thrives on making the organization perform better.

BPM connects together people, processes, technology, roles & responsibilities, business rules, and compliances for the common goals of adding value to the customers and the stakeholders.

It is the management of these that results in the reduction of waste; that is the increase in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, overall profitability and quick adaptability to change.

To quickly and easily achieve this, the PRIME team has further enhanced the management philosophy of Business Process Management with components from methodologies like Lean, Six Sigma and Value Stream Mapping.

In addition, templates, processes, rules and guidelines that underpin the PRIME BPM methodology, resulting in a systematic, structured; best practice and results orientated Business Process Management methodology.

Business Process Management

Process Scoping

The first phase of the PRIME methodology is the development of a process library/catalogue.

The process library holds the names of all processes in the organization.  It’s here that we see the relationship between the business functions of the organization and business processes.

Amongst many benefits of this phase is the ability to easily identify which processes impact the customer experience, which processes directly affect the bottom line, and who owns which process in the organization.

In conclusion, the business process library forms the foundation of the next phase.

Process Review

In this phase create process maps to understand how processes currently perform in the organization.  It is the starting point for process improvement.

Sometimes, the processes may not need improvement; but changes planned affect preceding or succeeding processes.  For this reason the processes may still need change.

This phase delivers full process transparency, exposing process time, delay time, process cost, roles, tasks, documents, business rules etc.; hence the ability to accurately identify business pain points, discuss proposed process changes and it forms the basis for much better decision-making for proposed changes as all relevant information is at hand.

In conclusion, the business process maps and supporting data forms the foundation of the next phase:

Process Improvement

In this phase analyse the process maps and supporting data to remove non-value adding tasks. In addition, other improvement opportunities can be easily identified based on the analyses of the process information.

Hence redesign the processes to reflect the changes and share these for discussion and agreement. Then record the activities to achieve the improvement and manage the work packages through to completion.

Process Implementation

This is the phase where the organization starts to see the results. First of all, implement the agreed and improved processes into the organization. Then transition the organization by sharing the redesigned process information for ease of reference. Communicate the business rules that govern the processes and set process monitoring measures.

Process Monitoring

As a result of process implementation, monitor process adherence.  If a concerning variance exists, investigate the reasons for non-adherence. As a result, make minor process changes, or an extended period of change management may need to be undertaken.

Industry research has shown that having people proactively engaged in transformation initiatives increases outcome benefits exponentially. PRIME BPM software promotes collaboration between process owners and participants and has many other features.

PRIME has all the functionality to deliver BPM to your organization - check out PRIME’s features here.

PRIME has all the functionality to deliver Business Process Management to your organization - check out PRIME's features here

BPM Methodology

"I specifically found the PRIME© (PRocess In a Managed Environment) methodology highly practical,
logical and results driven. It is a methodology that can be applied immediately after learning."

Sam Barrett
Head of Business Process Services at BOQ

PRIME BPM software suite - Business Process Management

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