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6 Essential Skills and Roles Required for a Successful BPM Initiative 

As the business landscape continues to evolve rapidly, organisations are constantly looking for ways to do more with less to gain a competitive advantage. Hence, Business Process Management has become a necessity today. Many organisations have already or are actively looking at implementing strategic BPM initiatives.

If done right, BPM promises great business benefits, from cost reduction, efficiency improvement to productivity enhancement. However, to truly tap into the business value of BPM, many elements need to come together, including the right methodology, tools, end-to-end strategy, etc.

One of the key ingredients of a successful BPM initiative is a solid team, with well-rounded capabilities and skills.

Building your BPM Team

Process improvement is not an isolated initiative, it requires collaboration, consistency and continuous efforts from a team of professionals with specialised skills.

To maximise the results from your BPM initiative, your team needs expertise in different skills right from process mapping to change management.

Skills and Roles for a Successful BPM Team

Depending on your organisation size and the scale of your initiative, your team will need a combination of these 6 BPM skills and roles:

Business Process Modellers

End-to-End business process maps are the foundation for your BPM initiative, pointing to the improvement areas and opportunities. Hence, it is essential to have a business process mapping expert in the team. The individual should have an advanced understanding of business process mapping rules, Do’s and Don’ts, standards, methodologies, tool sets, etc. The individual should have the know-how and extensive experience in mapping and taking necessary approvals to ensure accurate capturing of the process flow.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts are responsible for analysing current business processes to identify improvement opportunities. These individuals also need to have some IT skills to look at the current processes and suggest opportunities for automation, cost-cutting and increasing efficiency by implementing the required systems.

Change Experts

When you move your organisation from the current state to the future state, change management is vital. Change experts should be able to communicate the change and why it is needed to the frontline staff. They actively work with the leadership team to identify and assess the risks associated with the people side and formulate strategies to address them.

Business Process Champion

The main purpose of any BPM initiative is to ensure that processes are not just set and left. Business process improvement is a continuous exercise. This is the key task for a Business Process Champion, who looks at opportunities for continuous improvement and ensures that these initiatives are aligned with the overall organisational objectives and future growth plans. A champion understands and communicates the value of BPM to the organisation and ensures executive buy-in for the future process management projects.

Solution Architect

A solution architect is responsible for providing technical support and ensuring interoperability with the existing line-of-business applications and systems. These individuals work in tandem with business leaders to understand requirements and combine discipline with technology to maximise results.

Project Manager

Finally, your project needs an overarching project manager to establish the project scope and objective. They need to work in tandem with the team to develop a comprehensive project charter comprised of key details, such as who are involved in the project, how engagement will be ensured with stakeholders and how timelines will be managed and monitored.

Looking Ahead

Once you have a structured team, you need a common toolset to ensure standardised BPM efforts, aligned with organisational goals. A tool, such as PRIME BPM, which comes with an inbuilt methodology combining the power of disciplines—Lean, Six Sigma and BPM—helps you effectively achieve your business objectives.

Packed with best-in-class functionalities, including one-click process prioritisation, the ability to record process attributes (Business Rules, KPIs, Text descriptions, Roles, Documents, etc.), inbuilt analytics, etc., this tool helps you maximise BPM results.
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