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With PRIME BPM, keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory landscape. Understand gaps in your compliance and take informed actions to ensure end-to-end compliance.


Given the potentially serious consequences, such as fines and reputational damage, ensuring compliance is a top priority for business leaders. Compliant is not something your organisation just is—it is a continual journey. You need to have a compliance management framework in place and be aware of changing policies, implementing policy change and monitoring the changes. A compliance management software is emerging as a business necessity for end-to-end compliance. Using PRIME BPM’s functionalities simplify the complex process of compliance management and easily stay on top of regulatory changes.


Understand Gaps with Accurate Process Maps

With PRIME BPM, create end-to-end current-state business process maps for each process in the organisation. Easily recognise compliance and regulatory breaches and risks and vulnerabilities on a task-by-task basis. Use this information to target your compliance management plan.

Take Control with Automated Alerts

Keep pace with the rapidly changing regulatory landscape by staying informed of up-and-coming compliance and audit requirements. With PRIME BPM’s Process Compliance and Audit functionality you can document the compliance due dates and ISO audit dates for every process. Receive automated alerts and notifications of an upcoming compliance event and ensure it is actioned by the due date.

Drive Accountability

Using the inbuilt RACI matrix, clearly define who is Responsible, Accountable and must be Consulted and Informed about the process. This ensures that every task that needs to be done to ensure compliance is assigned to someone. Further, with a click of a button get standard operating procedures/ work instructions for each task within a process. This will resolve any conflicts or ambiguities in the process and enable end-to-end compliance.

Ensure Compliance Adherence with Traceability

With the collaboration module, up-to-date processes are always at hand. This comes in handy so that business processes can be easily communicated to compliance bodies and staff, ensuring traceability via the process audit trail.

Automate Compliance

Identify the areas in the process that are most suitable for automation. These include processes which are high-frequency, have repetitive tasks that are prone to data entry errors and/ or involve multiple people. Applying automation to these tasks will help you effectively address compliance and regulatory breaches.


Being compliant with ISO represents that your organisation is operating as efficiently and productively as possible. In addition, it represents that the produced products or services are safe, of quality and that these are also good for the environment. Also, ISO compliance enhances the ability to access new markets due to its international recognition.

The PRIME BPM Suite is the tool that you can depend on to gain ISO Compliance. You can document the compliance due dates, ISO audit dates, and notify the concerned person of an upcoming compliance event. Easily document and communicate your business processes to the compliance body and to the staff in your organisation. The collaboration module ensures that up-to-date processes are always at hand. By a click of a button, produce standard operating procedures/ work instructions for each compliance task within a process and define task ownership with the inbuilt RACI matrix.

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