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With PRIME BPM, get to the bottom of your process issues and prioritise processes for improvement in just a click.


Process analysis is a key step in the business improvement journey as it points to the issues and bottlenecks in the current state processes, providing the starting point for the improvement initiative. PRIME BPM, the only BPM tool with inbuilt process analysis, supports your initiative with powerful insights, such as process cost, efficiency and time. Record extensive process data to accurately carry out root cause analysis and identify the right improvement opportunities.

Effectively Analyse and Improve Processes with PRIME BPM

Prioritise Processes for Improvement

The Process excellence journey starts with a methodical review and documentation of the current processes. Using PRIME Modeller, easily document your ‘as-is’ business processes to analyse where your current processes stand in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Further, the one-click process prioritisation feature in PRIME BPM enables you to pinpoint the processes that require urgent attention.

Eliminate Waste with Value Stream Mapping

Using PRIME BPM’s inbuilt analyser, segregate each activity within the process into one of the three categories: Customer Value Adding (CVA), Business Value Adding (BVA) and Non-Value Adding (NVA) with just a click of a button. With value stream mapping, understand the value of each task within a process. Use this information to remove NVA activities from your processes, resulting in improved process efficiency, productivity and customer service.

Undertake Process Cost Analysis

To calculate process cost, there are two costs to consider: role cost and overhead cost. Easily calculate these key metrics with PRIME BPM, to analyse if a different role can be allocated to an activity. This results in significant cost reduction. Further, you can calculate the annual process execution cost of your process for NVA activities. Removing waste or NVA activities from your process presents immediate cost saving opportunities.

Analyse Process Cycle Time

With PRIME BPM, easily understand the time taken to complete an activity or a process. Get insights into important metrics, such as execution time per activity and delay time or lag associated with any task in the process. Also, analyse how much time is wasted in conducting the NVA activities. Using this analysis, you can remove the delays, inefficiencies and lags in the process to effectively improve the process cycle time.

Measure Process Cycle Efficiency

Easily calculate the process cycle efficiency with the details on BVA, CVA, process execution and delay time. Further, analyse how your process efficiency compares to the industry threshold with just a click. Use this analysis to identify improvement opportunities to optimise the process cycle efficiency.

Monitor Till Improvement Success

Ensure improvement project is on track, right from assigning through to completion. Send all improvement ideas for approval before initiating the work, create work packages and tasks to be completed against each approved improvement and assign improvement tasks to users. Using PRIME BPM, track implementation progress in real-time with information on the percentage completion per improvement and check its status: completed, in progress, rejected or approved.

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