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Government Agency Successfully Restructures Through Process Improvement

Industry: Government Finance
Employees: 4000+


In April 2018, the agency set off its transformational journey by restructuring it’s organisation to drive the business forward. The journey involved not only organisational restructuring, but also transforming the organisational capabilities to embrace digital technologies.


The client is one of the Queensland state government agencies, mainly responsible for providing financial services to the government and the public sector. Located in Brisbane, the client employs a staff of approximately 4000+ people.


  • Lack of clarity on where and how the critical resources were being used
  • Inconsistency in process ownership involving different set of people
  • Processes and procedures were not documented and available for the front-line staff
  • No alignment between organisation level strategy and functional level strategy.


  • Created a culture of customer-focused continuous improvement where all the employees were actively engaged in the process improvement.
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities within the organisation
  • Standardisation in the processes and consistency in every repeatable process.
  • Supported in a continuous analysis and fine-tuning of the process flow while thoroughly tracking the transition of the process.

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