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Ballina Shire Council Improves Efficiency And Transparency

Industry: Local Council
Employees: 360 employees


Ballina Shire Council commenced their business excellence journey approximately 10 years ago. The council empowered all employees to identify ways to undertake tasks more efficiently. What was missing was a centralised tool. In 2020, the council chose PRIME BPM’s Process Mapping, Analysis and Improvement SAAS software, in addition to its fixed cost process mapping service to fast track and support their business excellence journey.


Ballina Shire Council is a local government authority based in far northern New South Wales. The council has approx 360 employees and a population of around 43,000.


  • Lack of a centralised process repository
  • High risk and frequency processes not documented
  • Lack of process transparency
  • Process improvement efforts not aligned with organisational goals


  • Potential 57% time reduction and 60% cost savings on analysis of the contractor invoice process
  • 26 Process Libraries completed across departments
  • 72 process maps created with a further 955 identified
  • Established a culture of continuous improvement

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