Regional Council creates a culture of continuous improvement

Industry: Government
Employees: 300+

The Client

The client is a medium regional council with a staff strength of around 300 employees serving approximately 30,000 residents in the Shire. It delivers services such as roads and infrastructure, businesses, public health and safety, environment and sustainability etc. to the community.

The Project

In August, 2019, a regional council in Victoria, initiated its continuous improvement journey for business by mapping and evaluating its processes to reduce complexity and lift productivity enabled by new ways of working and more efficient work practices.


  • Operational Inconsistency with high variance on implementation and delivery of same services by different employees
  • Lack of Clarity on where automation/technological intervention was needed in the processes
  • No visibility on the operational cost of services and underutilised core systems 
  • No clarity in the task procedures resulting in customer complaint

Business Results

  • Realised efficiency of 173 hrs/year or $7785 in the debt collection payment process
  • 50% reduction in processing time for the supplier validation process
  • Estimated $35,532 saving/year on account of reduction in transaction cost
  • Efficiency increased by 90% for customer refund processing

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