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Unlocking the Power of Process Insights for Transforming Municipal Services

Industry: Government
Employees – 64,000 + residents


Keeping citizen services at the centre, Peterborough County chose PRIME BPM to embark on its business process transformation journey, with an objective to boost efficiencies. The county became the first municipality in North America to put into practice its Lean efforts through the acquisition of PRIME Business Process Management software.


Located in Ontario, Peterborough County is an upper-tier municipality representing eight local municipalities and serving a population of approximately 64,000 residents plus a large seasonal population distributed over an area of 4,000 square kilometres.


  • Manual, inefficient processes
  • Delay in citizen services
  • Lack of a single source of truth for corporate-wide usage
  • Risk of knowledge loss in case any employee leaves
  • Lack of data to support strategic decision-making.


  • Estimated saving of 280 hours of staff time by automating a highly manual process.
  • Reallocation of $850k in operational savings.
  • Reduced wait time and significantly enhanced citizen services.
  • Executive buy-in for new projects with insights gained from PRIME software.
  • A centralised repository, streamlining knowledge management.

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