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The Australian Council's Journey to Time and Cost ROI

Industry: Local Government
Employees – 750


One of the largest councils in New South Wales, Australia, embarked on a project aimed at understanding the potential of process improvement in terms of quantifiable ROI. To showcase the measurable time and cost benefits, the council strategically selected a single process known for its highly manual and repetitive nature, affecting numerous staff members and offering significant improvement potential. By following a step-by-step structured approach, defining clear goals and choosing an appropriate toolset, the council successfully showcased remarkable time and cost savings and demonstrated the potential of process improvement initiatives with a single project.  


A local government area located in New South Wales, Australia, the Council covers 1,303 square kilometres and is home to nearly 100,000 residents. The council is one of the largest employers in the area with over 750 staff members and more than 50 services to the residents.  


  • See the tangible results through Process Improvement Initiatives
  • Optimising a high-volume, high-frequency and high-impact process to understand process improvement ROI
  • Show the impact to facilitate the scaling of future projects.


  • 29.55% reduction in non-value-added tasks, boosting process efficiency.
  • 54% time saving annually on account of automation of manual tasks, allowing staff to allocate more time to value-added activities
  • 60% cost savings annually through resource optimisation and efficiency improvements.

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