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RACI MATRIX – Clarity of Roles & Responsibilities

The RACI Matrix/Template/Charts

Many organizations underestimate the value of a RACI matrix as a tool to clarify roles and responsibilities.

A RACI matrix, sometimes referred to as a RACI chart, lists out the “RACI” against each task of the process and/or the business process.  An alternative view of a RACI matrix is that the “RACI” is against a person’s name or job role.  Subsequently listing the tasks associated with the person/job role listed beside.

The acronym RACI stands for:


List the role name of the person responsible for doing the task in a process


List the role name of the person accountable for a business process


List the role name of the person with whom you must consult for input for proposed changes in a process


List the role name of the person who must stay informed about planned or unplanned changes in a process   

Without a RACI matrix or chart the individual and wider organization is unclear on these matters.  As a result, operations may not deliver according to expectations.  In addition, when something does go wrong, it is difficult to isolate the cause and who is accountable.  Consequently, risking the fulfillment of the functional goal, hence the strategic goal.

Therefore it is key individuals contributing to the organizational goals understand their individual role.

Clarity of Roles & Responsibilities with PRIME BPM

PRIME BPM comes equipped with a RACI matrix in all editions of the PRIME Suite.  Thus you can record RACI against each task within a business process and also against the business process itself.   

Publish this information for all employees to see, via the PRIME’s Collaboration Portal.  As a result, every team member is aware of their Responsibilities and Accountabilities.

In addition, managing staff, projects and business-as-usual is less complex.  See who is responsible and accountable with pinpoint accuracy. 

Learn more about RACI and other features of the PRIME Suite here….

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