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As with the industries, government agencies are also facing stiff challenges to operate efficiently in the era of digitalization, internet, convergence of technologies and issues like global terrorism, national emergencies etc.

All these challenges are triggers for change within government and in particular changes to its business processes.  Customer service is still a focal point and this focus must be designed into the business process changes.

To design and deliver people-centric services government agencies need greater integration among people, processes and content. To improve service delivery, access to content and operational transparency, government agencies need to streamline their operational overheads, lead-time and resource utilization, to transform economic growth and public services processes. This is where Business Process Management (BPM) in Government assists.



What PRIME BPM Can Do For You

PRIME BPM offers you the tools and techniques to achieve:

  • Better customer service by using value stream mapping to identify non customer value adding activities
  • A reduction in waste and improved process efficiency via process analysis and process simulation
  • Standardization of processes across business units or departments and locations by way of process comparison and collaboration,
  • Managed change facilitated by PRIME’s process simulation with What-If analysis and impact analysis
  • Risk management
  • Etc.

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