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Process Mapping Software – PRIME MODELLER


PRIME Modeller is easy to use, professional process mapping software. Its design is intuitive to use so that both business users and process experts can work together to create and maintain the organizations business processes.

No more sifting through the folders or shelves to find your recent process map or its supporting information. Because of the integrated process repository, maps are easily accessible.  Therefore a one-stop shop for all your process maps and process information.

The PRIME Modeller is the base upon which the PRIME Analyser and PRIME Improver reside. Hence all functionality of the PRIME Modeller is incorporated in the PRIME Analyser and PRIME Improver. The PRIME Modeller as a stand alone edition is only available to academic users.

key benefits

  • Business Transparency
  • Clarity in Roles & Responsibilities
  • Central Process Repository
  • Knowledge Management
  • Easy to Use Modelling Standards


PRIME Modeller hosts the following features:

Process Library

Where does the process start/end? Is it really a process, or is it a task? At what level in the organization does the process sit?

Use the Process Library symbols and guidelines to answer these questions and more, by creating a catalogue of process names that represent your organization. The process library is the starting point and provides a road map to your process mapping initiative. Therefore, it comes with inbuilt drill down functionality, conveniently showing how different processes interlink.

Process Mapping

All too often processes are documented, but when it comes to the improvement of these, it is discovered that the processes have not been documented to a consistent standard.

PRIME process mapping software comes equipped with the globally recognized Business Process Modelling Notation.

Using the latest BPMN version - BPMN 2.0, the PRIME Modeller provides a stencil and modelling guidelines to ensure a consistent approach to process mapping.

Due to drag and drop, auto-connect, zoom in and zoom out functionality, creating process maps takes now only minutes, not hours.

Either use the full suite of BPMN 2.0 to create a process map for automation or use only a subset of symbols to create basic flowcharts using simple swim lanes - The PRIME process mapping software offers you both.

Process Attributes

For successful business improvement, it is vital to have an in depth understanding of the organizations’ business processes. This is important for making the right improvement decision and to effectively manage the change.

Hence, make sure your process map is not just boxes and lines. The PRIME Modeller prompts you to provide a 3D view by way of recording Business Rules; KPI’s; Text descriptions; Roles (using the inbuilt role repository); Documents (using the inbuilt document repository) and RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) charts to drive process ownership.

Version Control and Audit Trail

Always have the latest version of the process on hand.

The PRIME process mapping tool records whom has made the changes, when the changes were made and what changes were made.

In addition, it provides full visibility to your Quality Auditors ensuring that your organization is following a best practice version control and release management process.

Export Process Maps

We realize that not all people may have access to the full PRIME suite.  Hence simply export your process maps in PDF or JPEG format in order to share the process map easily.

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PRIME BPM software suite - all features list

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